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Irelands Ancient East

The Ireland’s Ancient East site tells us to learn the stories of ancient high kings, modern day poets, saints, scholars, ramblers and fisherman.

Start your own story by travelling on the Passage East Ferry across the historic River Suir between Passage East, Co. Waterford and Ballyhack in Co. Wexford. On 23 August 1170 Strongbow landed here with 200 knights and 1,000 men. Next day he was joined by Raymond le Gros with 40 knights, and on 25 August took Waterford by storm. In 1171 Henry II of England arrived at Passage East with 4,000 men in 400 ships. In 1649 Cromwell's son-in-law took the fort by storm. The well-known phrase “by hook or by crook” was coined by Oliver Cromwell when he was deciding whether to approach Waterford Harbour via Hook Head or the village of Crooke adjacent to Passage East on the opposite side of the estuary.


Journey to Waterford, Irelands oldest city and explore the Viking Triangle. Here you can visit Reginald’s Tower, Waterford Treasures Medieval Museum, or King of the Vikings Virtual Reality Viking Experience.


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